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Community Development Services (CDS):

CDS aide the participant to develop and maintain skills related to community membership through engagement in community-based activities with people without disabilities. CDS can be provided in a variety of settings in the community which support the participant’s positive growth and development of skills and social supports necessary to gain, retain or advance competitive integrated employment opportunities. The participant is provided opportunities to learn socially acceptable behavior and self -advocacy skills. Community-based activities offered through CDS may include, but are not limited to the participant’s participation and engagement in:

  1. Activities which facilitate and promote integration and inclusion in the participant’s chosen community; including identifying a path to employment for a working age participant;
  2. Travel training;
  3. Self-advocacy classes and activities;
  4. Local community events;
  5. Volunteering within a non-profit organization whose mission the participant’s supports and/or
  6. Performing a paid or unpaid internship;
  7. CDS also include transportation to, from, and within activities;
  8. Personal care assistance may also be provided during community activities so long as it is not the primary or only service provided.