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Employment Discovery and Customization:

Discovery and Customization is a time-limited comprehensive, person-centered, and community-based employment planning support service (usually six (6) months) to assist the participant to identify his or her abilities, conditions, and interests. Discovery includes visits to a participant’s home, a review of community employers, job trials, and the participant’s interest inventory to develop a Discovery Profile and picture resume. ANHI will spend time with individual, instead of testing or evaluating them, as a means of finding out “who they are.” ANHI observes the individual participating daily life activities:

  1. Spend time with participant, includes interviews with those that know them best.
  2. This process translates life skills to contributions to employers.
  3. Targeted community activities, familiar, and non-familiar
  4. Identifies current and employment relevant information
  5. Characteristics of work are foundation of employment focused planning

Through the discovery and customization process, ANHI personalizes the employment relationship between a job candidate and an employer in a way that meets the needs of both based on an individualized match between the strengths, conditions, and interests of a job candidate and the identified business needs of an employer; and self-employment including exploration of how a participant’s interests, skills and abilities might be suited for the development of business ownership.